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march 2023

live online bootcamp Offer

Just in time!

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What if there was a way to overcome the confusion about how to achieve high academic performance at the university level and reach higher ground?


What if I told you that there’s no need to cry or struggle anymore?


Would you love to develop mastery so that your work becomes as easy, peaceful and enjoyable as meditation?


Wipe away any tears and shake off the frustration.  Chin up, because there’s hope. 


You can fast-track yourself toward success. 


I figured it out for myself through the so-called “School of Hard Knocks” (i.e., two years of trial and error in my first and second years of university), and every aspect of my life changed for the better once I dialed in the “formula.”  My confidence and peace of mind improved, and doors began to open.


It’s my pleasure to unveil my personal “University Excellence” system—i.e., the same system I used as a student to succeed in every course, year after year, since my third year of university in 1998.


Having recently taught for two years as a prof, I see how all the strategies I used as a student tie in seamlessly with how course content is prepared and delivered by profs.


As a lifelong learner, I still use my personal “University Excellence” study system to succeed in all of my higher education pursuits.  In fact, I know that I’ll be using my system for the rest of my life because it works for me.


Are you ready to learn an effective, generic, multi-faceted approach to your university studies, from someone who has achieved the academic success you’re striving toward?

University Excellence Live Online Bootcamp by Dr Tamie Fennig - FB Event - 1200 × 628 px.p

This live online course is designed for first- to third-year students who are enrolled in social science courses.  The course reveals the generic mechanics behind how to succeed at the university level.  Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to earn high grades throughout their higher education—course after course, year after year.

No need to waste any more time and money wondering how students earn high grades.


Cut through the confusion and finally gain the clarity you seek.


Start learning the strategies that I figured out and began using in my third year of university,
in every course I took and throughout every year of study,

to excel and ultimately complete a PhD!


If I did it, you can do it too!


You can achieve high academic performance in university!


Watch your fear, frustration, stress, anxiety and depression melt away,
while you learn about university expectations,
so that you can deliver most effectively and efficiently!


Step into your strength.


Boost your confidence.


Learn what it takes.


Begin implementing your knowledge experientially through practical journal assignments that will have you applying the teachings in your life immediately!


Ask any questions you may have during the live group coaching calls,
because I’ll be there to support you!

If you’ve never spoken with a prof before,
now’s your chance to get comfortable and practise with someone who has held the role before.


If you follow the system and do the work, you’ll likely witness:


(1) your grades improve, semester after semester; and

(2) multiple new doors open for your future career!

The Live Online "University Excellence Bootcamp" Includes:


  • 1 Live “VIP Day," offered via Zoom, to allow you to submit your “wish list” about what you’d love to learn, so that I can ensure that the program is custom-tailored to meet each registrant’s individualized needs.

  • 4 Preparatory Modules, offered live via Zoom, to help you prepare for the program.

  • 8 Live Group-Based Coaching Calls/Core Modules with Q&A periods, offered via Zoom, that complement the courses you’re taking.  We'll discuss, in generic terms, how you should be using your time in order to succeed.  Each call will last for approx. 1 – 1.5 hours. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you want—including the questions that you may be too shy to ask your current profs.

  • 3 Live One-on-One 60-minute Private Laser Coaching Sessions, offered via Zoom.  Registrants will be invited to book their sessions at the beginning of the program, toward the middle of the program, and at the end of the program, so that students can feel comfortable to discuss their work and/or home environments, and whatever else may be getting the way of their academic success.

  • 12 Practical/Reflective Journal Assignments (1 per module), to help get you on-track.

  • Specific resource suggestions, to equip you further.

  • Private Facebook Group, to share your thoughts and build a social community.

  • Access to the video recordings of the group-based coaching calls, just in case you miss any.



Dear Student,


I’m so happy you’re here.


Regardless of your current circumstances—whether you’re wanting to extricate yourself from academic probation, or learn how to breakthrough from B-level grades (i.e., B-, B, B+) to A-level grades (i.e., A-, A, A+)—you can turn things around for yourself, in a big way.


Some believe that the university system is collapsing.


Well, what is it about the university system that’s collapsing, exactly?


The buildings are standing strong on most college/university campuses worldwide.


There are lots of people who've earned doctoral degrees and who’d love to work in faculty positions at a university, but many universities are already “at capacity” and in no position to hire more instructors, due to "COVID-era" related budget cutbacks.  So, a shortage of instructors isn’t the problem either.


I believe that a reason why some people may say that the university system is collapsing is because student retention is decreasing for various reasons, which equates to a loss of revenue for the universities and resulting budget cutbacks.


Conduct a quick Internet search on the topic, and you’ll find articles such as:


Adams, R. (2022, March 17). Thousands of students drop out of university as pandemic takes its toll. The Guardian.


Kakuchi, S. (2021, November 26). Student dropout rate due to COVID-19 is still rising. University World News.


Krupnik, M. (2022, February 10). More students are dropping out of college during COVID—and it could get worse. The Hechinger Report.


Let’s consider a statistic from 2014—well before the onset of the COVID-era.  According to, “56% of college students who started at a four-year college drop out by year 6 of their college career” (p. 1).  For more info see: (2014, August 12). U.S. College Dropout Rate and Dropout Statistics.




Various reasons were cited in the above-noted articles.

Many university resources are available to students, such as:


  • The library

  • Peer support services

  • Professors, who are available to answer questions in office hours


Despite those resources, some students are still struggling.


What’s it going to take to turn this situation around?


I’m taking a stand to let you know that I care. 


I’ve been in your shoes.  I totally understand the difficulty, frustration and stress.  I didn’t have an older sibling to show me the ropes.  I figured it out for myself through trial and error—the hard way.


Meanwhile, throughout my years as a student in university, I witnessed many people drop out before they could graduate. 


In other words, the dream in their heart for a specific future career faded away within them, because they didn’t demonstrate the academic prowess required to open the door to their chosen career.


It’s such a needless shame to witness students struggle and give up on their dreams. 


What would our world be like if everyone was empowered to reach their goals, fulfill their greatest potentials and contribute on the highest levels?


I’m now offering a live online coaching course to support ambitious, conscientious and hard-working first- to third-year undergraduate students on their higher education journey.


To be clear, I’m not offering “tutoring” on any subject.  I’m a former university instructor. 


I’m not going to be reviewing anyone’s assignments or coursework either. 


Instead, I’m offering high-performance coaching to explain how to fulfill university expectations through the application of generic university excellence strategies that you can implement during every course you take—regardless of your chosen discipline(s) or your year of study. 


I developed and used my personal university excellence system to turn things around for myself starting in my third year of university, to earn success in all kinds of university level courses—from Criminology to Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, English and even Music!


Now, that I’ve worked as a university prof, I’ve also seen the interconnections between student study strategies and a prof’s design/delivery of a course.


What it took to succeed in university became crystal clear to me starting in my third year of university, and this course offering is something I’ve wanted to share with the world for years—since 1998.


While teaching at the university in 2010, 2016 and 2019 to 2021, I experienced what it’s like to be a university professor.  It’s a very demanding job.  Teaching three courses to 300 – 500 students total per semester leaves one with no time to look out the window.  My professional work experience helped me understand why many profs will urge you to “maintain your GPA,” but don’t have the time to explain how to do so.


Some profs have published books on the subject of academic excellence at the university level.  Others have published online courses on


I’m offering a live, interactive, online, high-performance academic coaching program to help meet the needs of students today—NOW—in what is still the “COVID-era.”

It’s my pleasure to share my system with you.


I actually started to share my system with my Criminology students while I was teaching at the university.  In addition to teaching the substantive content in Criminology, I would always share my study tips and strategies with my students in lecture, tutorials, and office hours, because nothing makes me happier than watching my students succeed.  Here's another testimonial:



Many students have written to share how my university excellence strategies have changed their life for the better.  It’s those wonderful and heartfelt “thank you” notes that inspired me to roll-out a "University Excellence" program offering to the general public, because I wish for all students to achieve the academic success they need to graduate and go on to secure their dream job. 


Considering the current times we live in, refined adult learning skills are more required than ever, since we may have to change careers multiple times throughout our lives to sustain ourselves.  If the job market dries up due to global circumstances that cause an economic downturn, you’ll likely need the skills to establish yourself as an entrepreneur.  From what I’ve seen, many people not only hold a job, but they also pursue “side hustles” because a job often isn’t enough to pay for the high cost of normal living expenses nowadays.  To be successful at anything, we need to learn how to learn, and keep learning. 


To be clear, a university degree doesn’t determine success in life.  There are many successful people who have attained "success" without a university degree. 


For certain jobs, however, a university degree is required.  Without a university degree, many people will not qualify for higher paying positions.


In the land of entrepreneurship, a university education equips you with the adult learning skills and discipline necessary to thrive.


I’m a wholehearted proponent of university education.  University will change you and the way you think.  It’ll open your mind to new knowledge/ideas and lead you to new career paths you may not have otherwise known about.  Most of all, university is a wonderful way to begin to get to know yourself and fulfill your own potential.  If you stay aware, you’ll witness your own transformation throughout the process. 


It would be an honour to support you during your undergraduate university experience in the context of a live online high-performance coaching program that’s meant to dovetail the courses you're currently enrolled in, by giving you a “behind the scenes” look at what you should be doing with your time to succeed.


Interested?  Continue reading to find out more below!


Best wishes,


Dr. Tamie Fennig


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University Excellence Live Online Bootcamp by Dr Tamie Fennig - FB Event - 1200 × 628 px.p

"University Excellence Program"
12 Course Modules


Prep Module: Part A


This preparatory module is meant to develop a baseline of information.  Topics will include:


  • Pre-Assessment Quiz

  • Kolb’s (1984) “Learning Style Inventory”

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Understand the various teaching methods used at the university level

  • Determine your own personal learning style

  • Assess your progress at the end of this online course


Kolb, D.A. (1984). Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development.  Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

Prep Module: Part B

Taking Care of Yourself


This preparatory module focuses on the different aspects of one’s mind, body and spirit, which impact one’s performance.  Topics will include:


  • Mindset

  • Vision

  • Goals

  • Self-care

  • Homework: Practical Implementation

So that you can…


  • Take steps to ensure that your fundamental human needs are met

  • Free yourself to focus on the other things you need to do to achieve success at the university level

Prep Module: Part C

Special Considerations


This preparatory module addresses the various types of issues that can hamper a student’s academic performance, even before they walk into their first lecture and meet their prof.  Topics will include:


  • Athletes

  • Disabilities

  • English as an additional language

  • Medical Issues

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Academic probation

  • Toxic Home Environment

  • Strained Finances

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Become aware of the various resources that are available to help students with different needs

  • Sign-up to receive any necessary supports

  • Further set yourself up for success

Prep Module: Part D

Planning, Scheduling and Course Registration


  • Program Selection

  • Course Selection

  • Scheduling Considerations

  • Committing Dates to the Calendar

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


 So that you can…


  • Ensure that you’re in the right program for you

  • Ensure that you have enough time to fulfill all your obligations

  • Set yourself up for success

Module 1

The Big Picture: Understanding What University is All About


This module is meant to dovetail the first week of classes in university.  However, if you’re completing this online course mid-semester, then this is your opportunity to determine what you may have missed at the beginning of your semester, so that you can make any necessary adjustments.


It will cover topics such as:


  • Lectures

  • Tutorials

  • Office Hours

  • Syllabus

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Begin to understand university expectations

  • Deliver

Module 2

Academic Reading


This module is meant to dovetail the second week of classes in university.  Topics will include:


  • “Required readings”

  • “Active Reading”

  • How to engage in “Active reading”

  • Reading comprehension

  • How to know what’s important and what’s not as important

  • How to prepare notes of the required readings

  • Suggestions for further reading

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Follow along in class better

  • Understand the course material better

  • Write essays better

  • Prepare presentations better

  • Prepare for exams better

Module 3

Academic Research


This module is meant to dovetail the third week of classes in university.  Topics will include:


  • Library research skills

  • Academic journal databases

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Fulfill university expectations with respect to the production of academic work.

Module 4

Academic Writing


This module is meant to dovetail the fourth week of classes in university.  Topics will include:


  • A discussion about plagiarism, and how to avoid it

  • The mechanics behind academic essay writing

  • Suggestions for further reading

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Avoid “writer’s block”

  • Produce essays that are both on-point and on-time

Module 5

Studying for Exams


This module is meant to dovetail the fifth week of classes in university, which is around the time that midterm exams will begin.  Topics will include:


  • How to study (in general) for different types of exams, including:

    • Multiple choice questions

    • Short answer questions

    • Long essay questions

  • How to know whether you have studied well enough—before the exam even starts

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • De-stress

  • Absorb the material more effectively

  • Better prepare for exams

Module 6



This module is meant to dovetail the sixth week of classes in university, at which time students will often be “switching gears” to move into the preparation of individual or group presentations.  Topics will include:


  • Script writing

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Rehearsals

  • Suggestions for further reading

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Feel more confident, knowing that you’re approaching the preparation of your presentation with strategies that will help you succeed

Module 7

Final Grades & Letters of Reference


This module is meant to dovetail the wrap-up of your semester.  Topics will include:


  • Final grades

  • How to seek feedback from your prof with respect to your academic performance

  • How to request a letter of reference, and from whom

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Feel confident, knowing that you seized every opportunity to learn throughout the semester

Module 8

Looking Ahead to the Future


This module will discuss life beyond university.  Whether you will continue your education, or seek a job, the fact remains that you will likely have to support yourself financially very soon, if you haven’t been doing so already.  Topics will include:


  • The job market

  • Job hunting tips

  • Grad School / Law School

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Homework: Practical Implementation Exercise


So that you can…


  • Begin preparing now with your goals in mind




  • Post-Assessment Quiz

  • Special Offer


So that you can…


See how far you’ve come, as a result of taking this online course.

The three main things that make this live online course special are:


  • The content;

  • The delivery; and

  • The instructor.


Learn live online from someone who cares—someone who has been in your shoes, understands what it feels like, and made it all the way to the top of the mountain!

Meet Your Instructor:














Dr. Tamie Fennig

PhD (SFU Criminology, 2015)

  • PhD-Qualified Former University Instructor, who was a university student herself from 1996 to 2015!

  • Taught hundreds of students at Simon Fraser University in Canada during 2010, 2016 and 2019 – 2021 in the capacity of “Sessional Instructor” and “Limited Term Lecturer”

  • Taught 300 – 500 students per semester from 2019 – 2021

  • Completed the 1-Year “University Teaching and Learning Certificate Program” (SFU)

  • Owner/Director of her own research consultancy: Alexander, Fennig & Co., Inc.








Who is this offer for?


  • University undergrad students who understand that they can achieve their goals through self-responsibility, hard-work, dedication and learning from people who have accomplished the goals they wish to attain for themselves.

  • First- to third-year students enrolled in the social sciences.



Next Steps:


Enrollment into the "University Excellence Bootcamp" is by application.  If you’re interested in learning more about the “University Excellence Bootcamp,” or you’re ready to sign up, then these are the next steps:


  1. Book a private one-on-one enrollment conversation to see if you’re a fit for the program. 

   2. If it’s determined that you’re a fit for the program, and you wish to enroll,
       then an on-boarding contract will be developed and emailed to you, for 
       your review and digital signature.

   3. An invoice will be created to reflect the appropriate discount(s)

       (if applicable), and a PayPal or Stripe payment page (your choice) will be 

       emailed to you for your review and payment. 

   4. All registrants will normally receive the Zoom links to the live group calls the
       night before each lesson via email, so that the Zoom links are situated near 

       the top of their inbox.

   5. Registrants will receive an invitation to join the Private Facebook Group
       for the social learning and community aspects.


   6. Registrants will also receive access to Dr. Fennig’s online school (hosted
       by, where pre-recorded videos will be uploaded into an
       online course portal, so that those who are unable to attend the live calls
       may watch the video recordings at their convenience.  The homework
and suggested resources will be provided within each
       course module.


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University Excellence Live Online Bootcamp by Dr Tamie Fennig - FB Event - 1200 × 628 px.p
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